Artist LSPCEQNTL Ultimate Beginner Left Handed Acoustic Guitar Pack

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This pack includes:

  • 1 x Artist LSPCEQNTL Left Handed Beginner Acoustic Electric Guitar - Natural
  • 1 x Artist Ultimate Add-On Pack
  • 5 x Artist ACST1152 Acoustic Guitar Steel Strings Custom Light 11-52

About this Artist LSPCEQNTL Left Handed Beginner Acoustic Electric Guitar - Natural

Our Lesson Pack (LSP) Acoustic Guitar Pack is designed with the beginner guitarist in mind. This model comes with the added bonus of a Cutaway (to reach the higher frets) and a pickup with an equaliser.  This is so that you can plug directly into an amp, PA system or recording system. Check out our acoustic guitar packs which include this guitar, an amp and a lead!

Imagine how much quicker you will learn with a good quality guitar. With a great sound to inspire you and great design to make it easy to play, you'll breeze through the first stages of your playing. 

Here are the reasons why:

  It has Steel Strings for a great sound. Watch the video above and have a listen to the audio clip to hear how it sounds.  Most beginner guitars have nylon strings but unless you want to play classical or Spanish music, you may be disappointed. (If you do prefer the sound of a classical/Spanish style guitar we have a range available in our store).

  It has a Low String Action (all our guitars are set-up at the factory for the optimum beginner playing level). String action is the measurement from the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the string. This is very important because a guitar with a high action is hard to play, a guitar with too low an action will buzz and sound bad. Artist Guitars are setup at the factory for the optimum level for a beginner.

  It has a Built in Pickup with EQ & Tuner so if you want to play through an amp or PA system, or even record, it's easy to connect your guitar up for a great sound.


  See Above for links to Video  
Video shows the LSP guitar - which the LSPCEQ is based on)

  A Truss Rod that allows you to correct for the effects of weather on the guitar help keep the neck straight and the action height the neck can be adjusted.

  Comes included with a Bag to protect your guitar, Strap and Preamp with Built in Tuner - A tuner for a beginner is vital.  A guitar needs to be tuned every time you play. As ours is built into the guitar its always in the right place. It's extremely simple to use so you will be using it correctly in no time at all.

  Die-cast Machine Heads - This means your guitar will tune quicker, be more stable and stay in tune longer

  Recommended by some of Australia's top guitar teachers (ask us about our free introductory guitar lesson).

  A Free Guitar Lesson (check out our website for times and locations - sorry not all locations are currently covered - contact us if your area is not covered).

Includes Free Beginners Lesson
   We include a range of Support Materials including how to tune, how to read tab, basic chord shapes and much more.
includes Free Support Materials

  You also get the highly developed G4 Guitar Method to kick start your playing.

G4 Guitar Method

  Our price is always Lower Than a Retail Store (often by 30-40%)  we keep our prices low by only selling our own range of guitars direct from the factory. Our business is built on offering a great value guitar at a great price.

  Artist Guitars has been designing guitars for over 10 years and during this time we have developed a great working relationship with our factories to constantly improve the quality and value - we know how to get a great value guitar at truly unbeatable price!

We are so confident you will love your new Artist Guitar that we offer you:
  100 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee, and 
  3-year Warranty

Why wait to start learning Guitar when you could get one of our great LSP guitars and be playing in no time at all (We ship super fast)

The LSP Guitar pack Includes:

  • LSPCEQ Left Handed 41" Full-Size Steel String Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Cutaway
  • Pick up with EQ & Built-in digital tuner
  • Gig bag to protect your instrument (with backpack style straps and a pocket for your picks, extra strings & music)
  • Guitar Strap
  • 2 Medium Gauge Guitar Picks
  • 1 Spare set of strings

All including Free Freight!

Our range of Lesson Pack guitars have been designed with the needs of beginners - we don't offer a confusing range of models in this area as we think getting the correct size guitar is the most important thing for a beginner, once you have been playing for a while you will find it much easier to know which style of music you want to play and we can recommend a great 2nd guitar for you. 

The Lesson Pack CEQ range comes in 2 sizes:
Full-Size Body Full Scale
Small Body Full Scale

The LSP is an ideal beginners guitar suited to adults or younger boys (from 15 up)  -  If you're on the smaller (or younger) side we suggest you check out the LSPS range or smaller.  If the information is confusing and you would like some free advice just call us on our Toll-Free Number so we can help you to choose the perfect size for you.


The Tech Features

Brand :- Artist

Model :- LSPCEQNTL (LEFT Handed Guitar)

Body Size :- Full-size Dreadnought 41"

Woods :-

Top - Spruce
Back and Sides - Sapelle
Fingerboard & Bridge - Solid Eco-Rosewood

Neck :- Truss Rod, Scale Length 25.5", 43mm Nut

Machine Heads :- Die-cast chrome

Decoration :- Wooden inlay, pick guard, Multi-bound Top, Bound Fingerboard, Back Stripe

Included Accessories :- Pre-amp with built-in Tuner,  Gig Bag, Guitar Strap, Neck adjustment Allen key, Spare Set of Strings, 2 Strap pins.

Colour :- Gloss Natural

Battery :- CNR4 (9v)


3/4 Acoustic Guitar Learner pack.

By: on 9 March 2019
I live in Central Australia (REALLY CENTRAL AUSTRALIA) about 15 minutes from Uluru, I have a bunch of really nice guitars on the coast at my parents place but with the exorbitant cost of shipping, it simple wasnt feasible to send them out here, I have to confess, I originally only looked at Artist products because they offer free Australia wide shipping (which for someone in the middle of nowhere is a big deal) After purchasing the 3/4 Acoustic (left handed at no additional cost I might add) I was legitimately impressed, there are virtually no outlets in Australia, as a lefty that I can go to and pick up a functional Left handed acoustic that stays in tune for less than 300 Australian, shipping aside. The guitar presents well, and while cheap in some areas (Plywood body for example) The finish on the guitar is excellent, The wood on the neck does have some small splits from the natural grain of the wood, but they shouldn't effect sound at all and as long as I oil the neck a few times a year shouldn't travel. since the guitar comes with a built in truss rod the wood is more or less set in place, which is a big deal in the desert with rapid expanding and contracting of wood based on the huge variances out here in ambient temperature (45 in the day -5 at night) You get a basic carry bag, a free guitar strap and a spare set of strings, as well as a free online lesson if you so choose to use it , complete with an acoustic guitar stand. realistically there is a lot in this pack for the money, and I can't not recommend it for 200 Australian. The guitar itselfs plays quite well, the plywood body actually makes the E, A and D strings seem a little bassier due to the warm resonance in the body with plywood. The G, B and E strings all tend to sound a little twangier and less "bright" than a conventional wood body, but if you like to play rhythm or blues (which most of us do) the guitar will make you sound pretty good - the action on the strings is excellent for a beginner, I'm having a great time teaching guitar to my friends (left handed I might add) and they're all picking it up just fine, the 3/4 has a shorter body, but an equal length neck, so even some of my smaller friends are quite comfortable in reaching the neck. the low action from the bridge is also perfect for a beginner as they don't need to fret particularly hard to get strong clear tone from the note. the fret bars are also fairly pronounced so its quite easy to find your way, the neck is fairly thick and your hand wont travel particularly fast up and down, but it will feel pretty good resting your hand at the top end if you're into cowboy and power chords. the body comes with a Chromatic Tuner built in, which is a great feature for a new player who might have difficulty tuning by ear, something overlooked by a huge majority of guitar manufacturers even today, a basic Korg or clip on tuner will set you back at least 20-30 dollars. so it's just one more thing a rookie doesn't need to buy. you'll also find a Capo in the kit too which you'll no doubt start using pretty quickly once you pick up some basic scales. Along with the built in tuner, extra set of strings, free online lessons, carry bag, free strap, and a couple of picks, there's alot of value in this kit for the entry level guitarist, literally pick it up and start playing when you get home from the post office, I've had mine a few days now and I'm incredibly impressed with the product and have recommended it to everyone out here who is paying two, even three times as much for similar learner packs that just seem to be of poor quality or exorbitant shipping prices. Artist Guitars have won me over with this product and that's coming from someone whos been playing on Gold tops and strats for years. sometimes it's less about the guitar, and more about the service, But in this case, it's definitely both. Cheers lads, you've made an Uluru Cameleer happy.

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